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Empower your employees to recognise phishing attacks and protect your company from cyber threats.

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How Prventi works

Our training is designed to be simple and effective. We use a combination of phishing simulations and training modules to educate your employees about common cyber threats and how to avoid them.

1. Simulated Phishing

Prventi initiates the process by sending simulated phishing messages to employees. The platform then measures and records who falls prey to these mock attacks, providing a baseline for vulnerability.

2. Security Awareness Training

Employees who fail the test are directed to Prventi's engaging training app. Here, they receive concise, interactive lessons designed to enhance their understanding and awareness of cybersecurity threats.

3. Continuous Measurement

Prventi ensures long-term vigilance through ongoing phishing simulations and training. This consistent approach helps reinforce learning, adapt to new threats, and solidify a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

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Your biggest security threat might already be in your company

A simple mistake like clicking on a phishing link can have serious consequences. To mitigate this risk, you need to educate your employees about common cyber threats, empowering them to identify and avoid potential dangers.

The global cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $8 trillion US dollars in 2023.

82% of data breaches can be traced back to a human error.

A ransomware or phishing attack will occur every 11 seconds.

To understand risk, you need to measure it

Leaked data

Find out how much of your company and team's data is available on the dark web.

Phishing risk

See which members in your team are likely to fall victim to phishing messages.

Ransomware risk

See which members of your team are most likely to introduce ransomeware into your organization.

Engaging Security Awareness Training content library

Learn cybersecurity like never before with our bite-sized, interactive quizzes. Say goodbye to tedious videos and embrace a captivating learning experience that keeps you hooked. In just 15 minutes per session, transform your security awareness journey into an enjoyable adventure.

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